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* Response status code indicates the status of generated response to display on the browser window.

* Every generated http response contains one http status code, default status code is 200.

* If web resource program generates warnings based web page then the status code is 100-199.   

* If web resource program generates successful web page then the status code is 200-299.

* If request given to one web site is forwarded to another web site then the status code will be 300-399.

* If our web resource program is incomplete or invalid to process the request then the status code will be 400-499.

* If server fails to execute our web application the status code will be 500-599.     

* 400-599 are error status codes, Using them the programmer can debug the problems related       to web application execution and server.

* 100-399 indicates success response status codes that means they display web pages on browser window having output content. So these status codes will not appear on the web pages.

* For related information on http response status codes refer page no 49 and 50.      

* Response headers provide instructions to browser window through web server towards displaying web pages on the browser window.

* The content type we have placed in PW.println statements becomes response body http response.

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