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Supports tags based programming

JSP supports tag-based programming. As it is a tag-based programming extensive knowledge of Java is not required. Non-Java users can learn it easily. This tag increases the readability of code. Gives built-in JSP tags and also allows to develop custom JSP tags and also to use third party supplied JSP tags.

Implicit objects

JSP gives nine implicit objects. We can use them directly in our program without writing any additional code to access.

Code separation

It allows separate presentation logic (html code) and business logic (java code). So does not look bulky. Here we do not have to put html code inside pw.printin() .

Exception handling

Exception handling is optional in JSP. Container takes care of exception handling. And also implicit object exception is given to get the exception type, but it is only visible inside error page.

• Easy loading

After modifications we do not need to recompile and reload it. We just have to save it and then directly we can send request; and the modifications will be visible. JSP also contains many more features like Standard directives, Scripting elements, Tag extension mechanism, Template content.

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