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The Control Statements are used for controlling the Execution of the program there are the three control statements those are break, goto, continue.

1) Break Statement.

This statement is used for stopping the execution of the program the break statement is used where we do not want to execute the next statements Generally we can use a Break Statement when we wants to Terminate a Program Execution The Statements those are Placed after the Break are never to be Executed. Break Statement can be use either in Break and Loops etc.

2) Continue statement

The Continue Statements is used for executing the statements by skipping a statement for ex if u don t want to execute any statement then we can use the continue means to skip a particular statement and then execute the next statements.

3) Goto statement

The Goto Statement is used for transferring the control to the other location for ex if you wants to transfer the control to the other place of the program then we can use the goto statement. When we use goto Statement then we have to supply a name along with a Goto Statement on which Control is transferred. The Name is user choice and Name must be defined with the help of a Colon. When Compiler transfers the Control of program to the Goto statement then statements of Goto block will be Executed and The Name of Goto Statements block is also called as the Label Name.

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